Ashley Boston is a native of Jacksonville, FL who has always had a passion for people. Ashley furthered her education at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, after completing high school at Jean Ribault Senior High. She later realized that the medical field was a great passion of hers. Where she was under great guidance of physicians and nursing staff for close to 8 years. She learned and received great education and training in Gastric Intestinal procedures.

Ashley decided to make some lifestyle changes with her self after witnessing her mother battle with high blood pressure and digestive track issues. She stands firm on "you lead by example" and that is the approach she took on bettering her mother`s health. Nutrition was the main focus in hopes of getting her mother off to a healthy start. Within 30 days of eating healthy they both lost over 20 pounds. This actually made Ashley completely addicted to seeing results! 

Within 4 months Ashley was down 40 pounds and not looking back. Ashley has always had the passion of inspiring others  and more so passionate about music. As she began to transform mentally and physically, the heart to inspire others didn't change but the passion did! Ashley took a serious leap of faith and dove straight into fitness. With her personal training certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine she is now helping others conquer the same battles she and her mother has faced. That is attacking obesity and unhealthy habits in the naturalist way possible.

Ashley`s mission is to be the best example of what hard work looks like. Losing 72lbs with no meal substituting or crash diets will absolutely result to hard work. Inspiring others through transparency and living out the process has brought great results and success to Mind Over Matter Fitness! She lives by the motto, "Live 2 Inspire" and if anything negative should happen just say, "Its just Mind Over Matter".